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I’m really no different to thousands of other bloggers. Thirty-*cough*, Australian, female, middle-class, self-employed, kids, pets, a bit of an education and the ability to string a few words together with only the odd typo.

I also happen to be rather deaf, thus the play on words for the title of this blog. Of course, the more obvious meaning is that — well — who’s going to listen to anything I say anyway, and what difference would it make?

While I’m far from radical (usually!) I do feel passionately about certain things and know that friends, colleagues and kindred spirits are interested in much the same things. One purpose of keeping a weblog is to inform, but another equally important purpose is to articulate and clarify thoughts as they are discussed — hopefully accumulating some facts and meeting some great people along the way. And in the end it’s this social aspect that makes weblogs so special.