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Jade, the Legend

Today I attended my first ever ladies workshop at Karen’s place – Mohegan Training Centre (MTC). It was hot, but Jade was wonderful and it was just sooooooooo good to get away from my puter for a few hours!

Jade had stayed at MTC overnight and had already established herself as Queen Bee. She wasn’t too keen on being caught, but was fairly half-hearted in her evasions and it didn’t take long to catch her, in the end.

She also didn’t want to stand still for me to mount when I first got on, but I just let her try to walk away with me hanging off her side and she realised her folly. Haha! After that, she was good as gold, a trouper, a legend! Though by the end, it was clear she was finding the heat and the exercise (and probably thirst) a burden. Not her fault, poor darling. Given that she hasn’t been ridden in a year, and barely at all in two years, I could not ask for a better horsey.

Her poor old mum (that’s me) had a harder time getting things right than Jade did. Jade has been taught by Karen and knows what she is doing. I have also been taught by Karen – but, having the fuzzy memory I do, didn’t know what I was doing. I was also *really* stiff and sore towards the end! Still, it was fun, and I learned stuff, and it was just so very good to get back in the saddle again after all this time…

… especially since (as I may possibly have mentioned) Jade is such a legend….

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