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The ALP wins WA

The Australian Labor Party in Western Australia, under the leadership of Premier Geoff Gallop, won yesterday’s State election, thus entering a second term of government. I have to admit I was surprised – and pleased.

After deliberately not following the election progress during the day, I have only just (at 1:15am Sunday) dared to look up the election results. I believe it was Colin Barnett’s stupid, uncosted canal scheme that had not even passed a feasibility study that is the primary reason for the win. I don’t think Labor has done a bad job of government but they haven’t been spectacularly successful either, and usually in such situations the other party will gain power.

So I was encouraged to see that Western Australians didn’t vote blindly yesterday, and that they actually paid attention to the stupidity of the Opposition Leader. I sure hope the Liberals replace Barnett by the next election because it is rare indeed for a Government to run three terms and the prospect of such a stupid, disrespectful (to the people of WA, in assuming we’re stupid enough to accept his schemes and himself at face value) politician to lead our parliament.

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