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Rani’s Fetlock Again

I gave Rani his 3rd (out of a total of 4) injection today. It was supposed to be two weeks (in other words, around about now) before an improvement in the swelling was evident. But there is no change at all.

The vet (from the Bullsbrook branch of the Bullsbrook & Midland Veterinary Clinics) called a few days ago to see how things were going. It was the second time he’d called and I really appreciate the professionalism. Given that Rani is not in any apparent pain or displaying signs of lameness, it’s all a bit mystifying.

We agreed to wait till the full 4 injections had been given, but I really am not sure what will happen next. The vet is reluctant to probe (with a needle or whatever) into the joint itself because of the risk of infection, given that, to all intents and purposes, Rani appears to be happy as Larry. I support him in this. But it’s still mystifying.

4 Responses to “Rani’s Fetlock Again”

  1. howard Says:

    Hey.. I hope it goes okay for you. I know what it is like with much-loved pets


  2. Vicki Says:

    Thanks Howie, still no change. *Really* mystifying and just one injection to go. But at least he does not seem to be in any pain.

  3. Juanita Audit-Tcake Says:

    ..was reading the BBC news.. this caught my eye and I thunk of yourself, of course.


  4. Vicki Says:

    Thanks, and going by the title “Equine Body Worker” she was trained by the same folks as me, too, Equinology.