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Laid up

This one’s definitely in the “@Home” category — sorry, not business-related at all!

For the last 3 days I’ve been in immense pain, having done “something” to my back. So frustrating! It went from mere discomfort in the morning to crippling pain in the evening, then got worse over the next day. Grrrrrrrr.

So I tried to see a massage therapist, thinking that if it were one of my horses I’d get a professional to look into it. The only problem was, I could hardly move and was in no state for the therapist to try to help me.

Unable to get a doctor appointment for some pain relief that would enable the therapist to do her job, I toddled off to the local hospital and had to wait (standing, because the process of sitting and standing was too painful) for most of the 6 hours before I could see a doctor. Naturally, given my unnatural posture because of the pain, the pain had by then spread and escalated. The doctor couldn’t figure out a problem so resorted to giving me some painkillers which had no effect. Then she tried a different painkiller which worked (as long as I remained immobile) and so (9 hours after arrival) she sent me home. Took me 15 minutes to get to the car just 100 metres away and a further 5 to get into it. I finally got to bed at 2am.

I would have been better just staying home and resting.

Still, today I can actually walk, albeit painfully — if you can call lurching with a twisted hip movement, travelling just 6 inches with each step “walking” — without holding onto something, so that’s encouraging. The kids at least are being extremely helpful.

2 Responses to “Laid up”

  1. Juanita Audit-Tcake Says:

    *ouch*, to say the least! . . is it the ongoing back prob or something new ?

  2. admin Says:

    I don’t have an ongoing back problem — you may be referring to when I had sciatica, but that was a long time ago(!) and this is something completely different. Still in a lot of pain but hopefully I’ll be comfortable enough to get to the therapist early in the week.

    Thanks for the sympathy. 😀