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Contact Details on Business Web Sites

I remember seeing results of studies that show that one of the top hates of many Internet users is not being able to find details of the physical address of a business on the business web site. Post office boxes just don’t cut it.

I agree: lack of such detail detracts from the credibility of the business concerned. But I don’t have these details on my business web site either.

I was reading a prediction in the Business Review Weekly magazine that, with the trend for companies to outsource rather than employ, by the year 2020 a whopping 50% of the Australian workforce will be self-employed. Many in our line of business — and, given the current trend, increasingly other businesses as well — operate from home. Sole proprietors are frequently women. Obviously such people don’t want their home address splashed across the Internet.

I’m interested to hear how others deal with this issue. For businesses that want to grow, and deal with medium to large companies, yet want to appear totally professional and not be subject to prejudice often seen by such companies towards sole traders — what’s the answer? What do you all do on your business web sites?

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