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A version of one of my favourite Firefox extensions has now come to Safari. None of Safari’s offerings quite match Firefox’s Web Developer Toolbar, but with Safari Tidy it’s now possible to see at a glance if a web page validates, just like the HTML Validator extension for Firefox.

I love this plug-in because it keeps me on my toes… I don’t have to go through tedious validation processes while I build sites — I can see if it validates whenever I preview a page in a browser.

And I can assess the code on other sites, too. For example, when evaluating a Content Management System (CMS) or other web product, I can get an initial idea of the quality of the code without even viewing source. (Valid code does not necessarily equal good code, but if a site trying to sell me anything to do with code throws up a lot of errors I won’t hang around too long.)

All I need now to make Firefox totally redundant to my workflow (except as a testing tool) is a real-time CSS editor such as in the aforementioned Web Developer Toolbar.

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