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Pets… gotta love ’em!

Three vet visits in 24 hours and more to come… we’ve gotta love our animals!

On Thursday, one of our cats, Max, was in (yet another) fight with wounds (yet again) to both forelegs, ears and one eye. After finding him lifeless (yet again) and taking him to the vet… well $122 later I was really hoping the hormone injection the vet gave him would stop him from getting into (yet more) fights… he is a darned lucky cat that we love him!

Then hubby gets home from work and says Rani (one of the horses) was lying down. Pretty unusual for him at that time of day – dinner time! (He’s a pig.) So – remembering he hadn’t devoured his breakfast hay as per usual we went out, worried… only to see him get up and trot up for dinner. Rani *never* travels faster than a walk (unless the other horses are chasing him!) so we were relieved…

Nevertheless I checked on him before going to bed that night and wasn’t happy with what I saw. He seemed a bit listless and just wanted to stand and snuggle me. I got hubby to set the alarm and wake me in 2 hours…

…at which point I was pretty certain it was colic and so called the vet. Sedatives, drenching and much shivering later, I finally got inside again at 5:55am – just in time to get up! At least Rani seemed a bit happier….

At 10:30am I went to give him his painkiller injection and noticed some swelling and heat on one of his fetlocks. Goody.

Same vet that visited in the middle of the night came out again and we both got soaked in the freezing rain. Vet wasn’t sure what the problem was but decided to treat it as inflammation and said he’d be back on Tuesday to see how it was going and then maybe take fluid samples and send them off blah blah.

Today, Sunday, Max’s eye (which had seemed better) now looks bad again. Another vet visit is likely to be in store tomorrow.


Isn’t it wonderful I am so rich? *cough*

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