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Equine Massage and Aromatherapy, Revisited

You could have knocked me over with a feather, but I have been granted the opportunity to continue with my Equine Aromatherapy Course and also my Equine Massage courses.

The Equine Aromatherapy Course presented by correspondence by Catherine Bird was begun perhaps two years ago, but I only got as far as the first segment before Real Life intruded. This included the two Equinology courses in Feb 2004, except due to (literally) crippling sciatica, it was many months before I was in any state to even think about completing the practical component. Then I was inundated with work and working 18-24 hour days, and that externship never did happen.

But thanks to Catherine’s generous spirit, it’s come about that I have the opportunity to complete both courses. It is a great encouragement to me at a rather dry time of my life. It’s given me something to get excited about – always a Good Thing! Horses some how centre me, and bring me back to what’s most important in life.

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