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Not to study

On further contemplation, I realised that if I returned to study at this point I’d be headed for another case of burnout, so I decided against it.

At the moment, aside from work, I also have my equine massage therapy course to get finished. First things first…

4 Responses to “Not to study”

  1. Juanita Audit-Tcake Says:

    You have a knack for burnout you do.
    One day you’ll wake up to find a big lump of charcoal sitting at your puter, a few whisps of smoke and a funny smell.

  2. Vicki Says:

    Wisps of smoke, Petey, wisps of smoke…

  3. Juanita Audit-Tcake Says:


  4. juanita audit-teacake Says:

    some more blatherings wouldn’t go astray mate

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