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To study, or not to study – that is the question

Had a letter from Edith Cowan University today, asking if I wanted to re-enter the course I was doing before I started working for the State Government 3 years ago. It’s something of a dilemma.

I was enrolled in the Bachelor of Communications in Interactive Multimedia and, while I was still a govt employee, thought I’d double-major in Public Relations.

Now, should I return, my professional change of focus away from hands-on and towards the business side of – well – business, means I would probably change my majors… but who knows? Indeed, given my professional change of focus, I probably just don’t have time to take on university studies at the moment – even part-time.

My big problem (with this) is that I love learning and would kinda like to do it just for the intellectual stimulation.

I have until July 8 to re-enrol. But the wheels would need to be put in motion before that. Hmmmm.

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