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Accesskeys are “handy”

I’ve just added accesskeys to the menu items and “skip to” links on my re-vamped business website. (And about time, too, I know!)

Of course, I had to test them — and as a web user who doesn’t need them, I just wanted to share that I think they are incredibly handy for anyone who works faster using keyboard shortcuts than continually clicking with a mouse.

I certainly hope they make life easier for people who can’t, for whatever reason, use a mouse effectively — but for other users, have a look for yourselves on my aforementioned DistinctiveWeb website.

The convention is that the accesskey letter is given emphasis with the EM element. On the DistinctiveWeb site, as on this one, I’ve styled EM as bold. To use the accesskey, type Alt+[key] on Windows or Ctrl+[key] on Mac OSX.

Then try navigating through the site using accesskeys rather than clicking with the mouse. Isn’t it waaaaaaaaaay easier?

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