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The New Multi-button Mac Mouse

Dubbed the Mighty Mouse, Apple has released a new, multi-button mouse that can apparently scroll horizontally, vertically and 360 degrees. It looks very much like the existing Apple Pro Mouse — same shape and size — but it does a lot more.

For those that are attached to the Apple Pro that came with their system, it works in exactly the same way — depressing with a small click for a left-click and using Ctrl+Click for a right-click. It also functions out-of-the-box like a single-button mouse too, with the right button set to left-click by default.

Just go to System Preferences and change your mouse prefs to tell the various bits and pieces how to behave.

It retails for US$49, but it seems it’s unclear whether or not Apple plans to package them with new Macs.

Ars Technica’s initial review of the Apple Mighty Mouse gives more detail.

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