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Derek Featherstone’s simplyaccessible.org is Simply Accessible

I was totally delighted to see the different approach Derek Featherstone has taken when putting his presentation (Designing for Accessibility: Beyond the Basics) from the Web Essentials 05 conference online.

Rather than just upload his prepared slides, Derek has created a new website, Simply Accessible. He has gone to the trouble of writing up his presentation in tutorial format so that those who weren’t there (or who, like me, couldn’t hear too well) are able to access the full context and content of the presentation.

Derek clearly gives a lot of thought to the spirit behind web accessibility and has gone the extra mile to not only make the web pages accessible and available to all, but also the content itself. As someone who missed so much at the conference because of my (lack of) hearing, it’s invaluable.

And not only that, there is now a valuable resource for everyone to return to, and Derek intends to add to it. This site can only get better.

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