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Feedburner again… and it’s all good!

The reason I moved away from Feedburner was because I thought it was difficult to exit the service and was afraid of my feed subscribers getting stuck. However, last night I had a really great chat to Rick Klau from Feedburner, and he explained a lot of things that now make sense. I see I was quite wrong in my fear that there was no easy way to exit.

What I hadn’t realised was that the 30-day redirection on leaving the service would result in all modern feed aggregators permanently changing the feed address, so my subscribers would not, in fact, have to do a thing and should not even know anything had changed.

I am really glad Rick takes the trouble to follow up on feedback about Feedburner on the net, because now I feel comfortable about using the service again — and I won’t be inadvertently spreading misinformation.

It really is a great business practice to seek out feedback about your company on the net. Feedburner gained in several ways. Just off the top of my head I can see that they stopped negative feedback and misinformation in its tracks; they made a confused and concerned customer satisfied (and will hopefully gain from the positive publicity); and they were able to identify weaknesses in their operations and/or communications, and make moves to correct them so the same thing doesn’t occur again. In addition, they can be recognised as a proactive company who really cares about its customers’ satisfaction.

Rick — thanks again for taking the time to discuss it with me. 🙂

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